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New EP 'Perfect Moment' - national Australian tour - Nannup Festival film promo and plenty of good times.

The 'Perfect moment', national Australian tour, was a success and a lot of laughs, With added concerts in Darwin and northern Queensland, the tour took on a larger area to also include a month of in-store record shop performances along with a special, 'Record Store Day' instore performance in Qld. Below Eli Wolfe offers a little insight on some of the tour highlights.

"Nannup Festival in WA was also a lot of fun and a great way to experiance music and local culture in an amazing natural environment there in the South east of Western Australia. A lovely bunch of people put in heaps of work to organise it, so thanks to them from us and all! I painted a sun mandala for the festival and the locals whom I stayed with as a gift and Margaret River film Co, Leviathan, put a musical montage together about the Nannup Festival using album song, 'A million dollars' to vibe and bounce along to, which is a great honour." Eli Wolfe

Check the video out below and get a feel for the Nannup Festival 2012.

'The band show at Fbi Social, Kings cross took the songs on some jamming excursions which was great. I had two main 'band' concerts this tour with the other in Fremantle, Western Australia. Its great to have met these new talented friends for future tour shows too.'

Reaching regional Victoria on this tour, I had another opportunity to contribute a painting which was then auctioned off with others created by locals, to go to charity. The exhibition was titled 'Miniscule' and was presented in a beautifully restored church that also includes a theater performance space.Perfect Moment Victoria'Our second concert in the area, we once again had the lovley opportunity to stay with Theater owners and local dairy farming family, The Beales. From jumping on motorcyles and taking our ladies on a ride through the volcanic from land and rolling hills to witnessing the birthing of calves at midnight under the crystal clear skys of the Milky Way, to eating culinary local delights. One such breakfast delight comes to mind, where we had fresh chicken eggs poached in milk that came from the cow at the kitchen window. We then drank the milk the eggs were poached in, from large clay mugs. Awesome.' Ew
Perfect Moment Victoria
Below is a video taken while riding through the rich volcanic farm lands of eastern Victoria.

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