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Hanging in Charlie Chaplins nieghbourhood with Liberace - LA recording gets aired in USA, Germany and Japan.

On transit to Canada, for CMW festival earlier this year, Ew stopped in at Los Angeles to record songs he had written while on tour. Whilst in LA he met a lovely guy called Joseph ‘Bunny’ Holiday, who is a talented local musician. He operates his  studio in a great part of town with so much creative history. The old silent cop films were also made on his neighbourhood streets where Charlie Chaplin was also a local.
Eli Wolfe Barossa ValleyLiberace’ was also present at the recording session. Thats Josephs good mate, his three legged Boston Terrier. Such a personality with ever the discerning gaze. Needless to say, it was a productive time and four new songs were completed in great company.

One of the songs titled, ‘Blue River’ (which was penned on tour in Quebec), has recently been aired on MusExpo’s Passport Approved radio show, broadcast out of LA and syndicated across the USA to Germany and Japan. ‘Blue River’ is yet to be released and will be added to an upcoming new Ep.

A visit to FOX in LA was another great experience as we checked out the amazing studio complex and had a chance to see the first pre-edit of song 'Eggman' being used in a Futurama episode, 'Fry am the eggman'.

The laid back vibe of historic, Venice Beach is the perfect place for chilling and enjoying beachside Mexican food. Above is a video blog of one such afternoon. Another great place for amazing authentic Mexican is a place called 'El Cholo's' on Western Blvd (near cnr of Western and Venice Blvd). Family owned from the early 1900's, it will change your perception of what real Mexican food is.

Eli WOlfe LA

Loose Fang StudiosOwner: Joseph ‘Bunny’ Holiday
Studio assistant: Liberace